Quipping for Equality


BTW-Webb+ObamaIt was one of those stage-managed events in which a politician visits a popular venue and has a few awkward encounters with “real people” for the local press. But this time—at the Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas—President Obama met his match when he went to pay for his burgers and fries, and a male cashier slammed his hand on the counter and exclaimed, “Equal rights for gay people!” Unfazed by the outburst, the President asked the man, whose name is Rugg Webb, whether he was gay, to which Webb replied without missing a beat: “Only when I have sex!” It was at that point that Obama said “Bump me,” and the two men shared a jovial fist bump.

Of course, it was all caught on camera, the footage went viral on YouTube, and Webb is enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame. Turns out, in addition to his restaurant gig, Webb is a local comedian and artist who’s been known to perform in drag. As he explained to The Austin Chronicle: “It was just a lucky day to be the register girl.” And then he mused, apparently referring to persistent rumors about the governor of Texas: “If Rick Perry would’ve walked in, I would have lost my job. I would’ve taken that old queen to town!”