Scandinavian Underwear



Baseball legend Derek Jeter is being sued for pulling out of an endorsement deal with a Swedish company, RevolutionWear, the maker of “Frigo” underwear. All the Jeter people would say is that the item is “too gay” for the slugger to endorse; and they noted that it was also being promoted by rap artist 50 Cent, whose image Frigocould be “too urban” for Jeter. What that might be a euphemism for is anyone’s guess, but back to the first objection: it does raise the question of what makes men’s underwear “gay.” Frigo has a pretty butch image: its wearers are usually shown with beautiful babes hanging all over them. The brand’s unique feature is that it has an adjustable pouch for comfort and support—adjustable, because men differ in how they fill out a pair of under-trow. You just make the adjustment once, and voilà! And yet, perhaps there is a moment of truth when you carry out this initial setup, and you can’t help wondering, for example, how 50 Cent is faring. In the end, RevolutionWear says it lost $30 million when Jeter reneged, and it also plans to sue him for defamation. Hey, the Swedes are known for their tolerance toward GLBT people; just don’t say their is underwear gay!