Schock and Audit



schockWhen first we reported on Aaron Schock, he was a newly minted U.S. Congressman, an Illinois Republican who was noteworthy for his great looks, workout regimes, photo shoots for men’s fitness magazines, and anti-gay votes in Congress. Also for the fact that he was totally not gay, incriminating photos be damned. We next encountered Schock when he was in hot water for financial malfeasance, but the story was all about what he’d used the diverted funds for: a complete makeover of his D.C. office to replicate a room on Downton Abbey. Perhaps we should have taken his legal troubles more seriously, as recently he was indicted on 24 criminal counts. Curiously, though, just weeks before the indictment, Schock had emerged from nearly two years of obscurity with the kind of media blitz that we had come to know and love: the self-promoting tweets and Facebook posts, the half-naked photos of Aaron working out, engaging in water sports, and so on. He remains in the closet—and may soon be in the slammer—but the important thing is that he still looks fabulous.