Taboo Tattoos


And why leave Russia when another tale of cluelessness awaits? The Russian military has announced that new recruits will now have their tattoos inspected because the Kremlin believes that they can reveal signs of homosexuality. According to the Defense Ministry’s central administration, soldiers will be given a thorough physical exam to look for tattoos in places such as the sexual organs and buttocks. The policy is based on a 2005 military psychology textbook, which clearly states: “The reason for getting tattoos could indicate a low culture or educational level. If an influence by external factors is determined, for example—persuasion or direct coercion—this indicates the malleability of the young man, his disposition to submit to another’s will” (cited in, 1/26/13). Are they trying to say that bottoms are more likely to get tattoos than tops? And hey, isn’t the essence of military service that you’re supposed to submit to another’s will? Finally, what kind of social pressure induces a guy to get tats on his sexual organs and buttocks? In any case, one suspects that these areas will be checked with the greatest of care and interest.