Vote for Mona!


steve-wiles-mona-sinclairA Republican candidate for the state senate named Steve Wiles who’s running as an opponent of marriage equality was revealed to be none other than “Mona Sinclair,” a drag entertainer in a former life. Wiles apologized for this youthful indiscretion and insisted that he’s totally not gay, dismissing his Mona phase as a long-ago mistake.

But wait: it turns out he was an opener at the Club Odyssey in Winston-Salem for some fourteen years, right up until 2010 (as reported on Further research turned up that Wiles was not only the Club’s entertainment, he was also a client. And to top it all off, Wiles was involved with the Miss Gay America pageant, whose website includes the cryptic statement that he was suspended for “conduct unbecoming to a promoter of the MGA pageant system.” Which raises the question, what does one have to do to get booted from the MGA? Wiles’ public (or a segment thereof) wants to know!