Technology to the Rescue!



First there was the “water rainbow” in Warsaw, Poland, which thwarted arsonists who kept burning the gay flag in a city square. Then we reported on the “Hate Shield” in Atlanta that blocked the chants of a homophobic group at the annual Pride parade. Now activists have used a drone to plant a giant rainbow flag on the “Motherland” statue in Kiev, Ukraine’s answer to the Statue of Liberty. It was a small victory in a country that doesn’t allow LGBT demonstrations, Pride parades, or even displays of the gay flag (though homosexuality is technically legal), which is what made the drone stunt so remarkable. While the Patriarch of the Ukraine Orthodox Church was blaming the Covid pandemic on gay people, the drone rental company, Dronarium, defended the gay organization: “We are against the manifestation of aggression against the LGBT community, which we consider to be from the Middle Ages.” And so it is.