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AcrobatsTwo Italian acrobats, both of them male, got engaged on national TV in a moment that stunned the nation. It happened on the show Italy’s Got Talent after Les Farfadais, a troupe of acrobatic dancers, finished a routine to the song “The Power of Love.” Once the daring young men on the flying trapeze had alit, one of them got down on bended knee and asked the other for his hand in marriage, the latter accepted, and the couple kissed on stage. What could be more traditional? As luck would have it, Italy doesn’t recognize same-sex marriages, though the mayor of Rome married sixteen couples last October in defiance of Italian law. The live audience cheered the acrobatic couple on, and doubtless some viewers wondered how those outfits might come into play when the couple consummated their betrothal later that night.


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  1. I think to how many yoga practitioners and dancers are still waiting for their same sex matrimonial decisions to come into fruition. It is inspiring to know that the physical attraction still is valid and that athletes from around the world who are coming together to reclaim their LGBT identity. I know the circus when I was growing up was a sensuous experience filled with many reflections that some how get buried in the closet. Women acrobats too are part of this sensuous affair and very often influence youthful men to cross dress and take up dance. I was never any good at team sports but I am waiting for the opportunity to stretch my legs out and limber for the greatest show on earth that is not really a show but a fantasy that touches on gay life in general