This Guy Was Straight?



If the “sexual purity” movement has escaped your gaze, suffice it to say it is a Christian campaign that’s all about virginity and sexual abstinence until marriage, and it has millions of adherents and generates bestselling books. One blockbuster was the 1997 book I Kissed Dating Goodbye, by Joshua Harris, an evangelical pastor at the Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Well, Joshua has now left his wife and come out as gay, and he’s done it with quite a bit of fanfare. Three years ago he announced that the Dating book was a “huge mistake,” and he’s been apologizing ever since, giving speeches around the country, including a TED talk, and expressing endless regrets on social media. All that is great, but it doesn’t exactly answer the question “What were you thinking?” twenty-plus years ago. Mind you, Harris wasn’t just trying to put a stop to sex while dating but to dating itself, which he decried as a rehearsal for divorce. It’s a cliché that prudes are people who aren’t “getting any” themselves. Clearly Harris was longing for something he couldn’t have, but this guy really didn’t want other people to have any fun at all!