Too Good Is No Good



french-farmers-calendarStaying in the countryside, a French calendar boasting photos of sexy farmers caused a minor dust-up when a Huffington Post piece objected that the subjects were clearly not real “farmers” but rather studio models in overalls. In this age of fake news, it’s surprising that anyone would notice this conventional fib, but it prompted French Buzzfeed to look into it, and, sure enough, the men were all professional models. Then a writer at Bilerico had a look and noted that not only were they clearly models, but all were so perfectly coiffed, they didn’t even look like fake farmers. One thinks of the classic Herb Ritts photo of the mechanic hauling tires in a shop, which we now know was totally staged. What made it hot was that he looked so authentic, complete with layers of grease and sweat. Perfect pecs are one thing, but those farm boys needed a little grime!