Cher Was There



Cher-dollPolice were stumped when house after house was getting robbed in a Portland, Oregon, neighborhood, and the burglar kept eluding capture. He would take the usual items of value—cash, electronics, jewelry—and managed to rob fifteen homes without slipping up. But then he was done in by… Cher. It seems the burglar, whose name is Jordan Bradley Payne, had lifted a pair of collectible Cher dolls with outfits designed by Bob Mackie. The owner of the dolls, John Eder, wasn’t surprised that his passport and computer were gone and his closets rifled; but he was surprised that a presumably straight male thief would be interested in Cher dolls. So, when the dolls appeared on EBay, given their unique provenance, the thief was quickly identified and arrested. Proving once again that (along with cockroaches and Twinkies) Cher will outlive us all.