Beach Blanket Buddies



queering-teen-culture-all-american-boys-same-sex-jeffery-p-dennis-hardcover-cover-artQueering Teen Culture:  All-American Boys and
Same-Sex Desire in Film and Television

Jeffery P. Dennis
Harrington Park Press. 221 pages, $34.95 (paper, $16.95)


IF THIS BOOK is any evidence, Jeffery Dennis one of those people who can pepper conversations with references to Fabian, Frankie Avalon, and Foucault with equal ease. In Queering Teen Culture, Dennis traces the representation of male same-sex desire from the anxiety-ladened post-World War II family sitcoms all the way to the open (though not always satisfying) depiction of homosexuality in the teen comedies and dramas of today. Along the way, he also examines the spectacle of teen sexuality in the on-screen portrayal of juvenile delinquents, beach blanket buddies, androgynous teen idols, and what he refers to as “the rigidly homophobic Brat Pack.”

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