Nonpastoral Duties Going from Mormons to Methodists, we witness a spectacle that would be inconceivable in the former realm but possibly okay in the latter. The focus is the pastor of the Methodist Church in Evansville, Indiana, Craig Duke, who surprised everyone by appearing in full drag on HBO’s reality show We’re Here as part of a showgirl extravaganza. Claiming that his only motive was to support his pansexual daughter (who was probably mortified), he must have been anticipating some raised eyebrows when he parted with the words: “When the episode is over, I go right back to my home, my neighborhood, my church, my experiences as Craig where my pronouns, my race, my sexuality, and the way I express my faith is [sic] completely accepted.” But alas, the Methodists voted to relieve Craig of his pastoral duties, giving him an office job at a reduced salary. On a positive note, he’s made a lot of new friends at We’re Here, where “I was surrounded and immersed in a culture that I’ve never been immersed in.” Oh, he’ll be back.



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