Does Israel ‘Pinkwash’?
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Israel:PalestineIsrael/Palestine and the Queer International
by Sarah Schulman
Duke University Press.  208 pages, $22.95


SARAH SCHULMAN’S new book, Israel/Palestine and the Queer International, is a triple cause of delight for me. Schulman is a renowned Jewish-American lesbian activist who describes here her visit to Israel and entry “into a relationship with Palestine.” I am a gay Israeli living in the U.S.—in fact in New York (attending graduate school), the city that Sarah Schulman has called home for her entire life.

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  1. I love how he goes on about critiquing Schulman and her writing and shows how personally butt-hurt he is about being called out on his privilege and then has absolutely nothing to actually back-up the denial of pink-washing lol. “Israel has no such thing.” Lol really? That’s your big argument? And you’re the better writer here lmao??

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