Visceral Reactions
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Published in: May-June 2015 issue.

I'm Already DisturbedI’m Already Disturbed Please Come In: Parasites,
Social Media and Other Planetary Disturbances
(A Memoir, of Sorts)
by Gabrielle Glancy
Oneiric Press. 192 pages, $16.95


To begin with, the disturbances that rock the author’s life in this lively, offbeat sort-of memoir are not by any stretch planetary—except perhaps in the narrow sense of being wandering or erratic. Nor have they been provoked by social media as such, in spite of the plentiful Facebook screen shots included. Instead, what caused Gabrielle Glancy’s ills turn out to be hordes of unseen and fairly common freeloaders, most of them parasites: in a word, worms.

I’m Already Disturbed is structured as a series of short essays but moves at the brisk pace of a novel, taking the reader on a quest to find the cause of the author’s debilitating and curious symptoms, and their cure. 

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Rosemary Booth is a writer and photographer living in Cambridge, Massachusetts.