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JIM NABORS (1930–2017), best known for his TV role as Gomer Pyle, was one of my first heroes in life, even before I understood why. Gay men of…More


LAID OUT in two galleries on two floors of the museum, Gay Gotham has three chronological sections: “1910-1933, Visible Subcultures”; “1933-1969, Open Secrets”; and “1969-1993, Out New York.”


OSCAR WILDE TOURS is in the middle of our gay history and art tour of Italy, and one thing we’re exploring is the extraordinary relationship between Hadrian, Emperor of Rome…More


WHERE TO GO in Europe this year? That’s the question that confronted me as I started planning this year’s gay history trip for Oscar Wilde Tours. Last year’s tour followed…More


ANGLO-CAMBODIAN DIRECTOR Hong Khaou’s drama Lilting certainly has elements to draw both a GLBT crowd and that dying demographic: “art film” connoisseurs. While set in London, the dialogue is in…More


Reel to Real: Portrayals and Perceptions of Gays in HollywoodCurated by Bob Pranga and Steve Nycklemore THE INTERSECTION of Hollywood and Highland is undoubtedly the center of tourism in Tinseltown.…More