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I was in Paris just before the recent terrorist attacks, checking things out for Oscar Wilde Tours’ upcoming “Gay London/ Gay Paris” tour (August 20-28, 2016) and doing lots…More


Oscar Wilde Tours has just completed its first full tour in Italy, a ten-day trip that explored an axis of gay cities and sights from Florence to Sorrento, with…More


OSCAR WILDE TOURS is in the middle of our gay history and art tour of Italy, and one thing we’re exploring is the extraordinary relationship between Hadrian, Emperor of Rome…More


“We cannot stop looking at this new Delta ad,” declared the headline of a clever piece by Andrew Richdale, senior editor of We surely don’t need to convince…More


WHERE TO GO in Europe this year? That’s the question that confronted me as I started planning this year’s gay history trip for Oscar Wilde Tours. Last year’s tour followed…More