The Confirmed Bachelor



It was major news in the cultural Cybersphere when the star of this season’s reality show The Bachelor (ABC) came out as gay. And while Colton Underwood waited until after the final episode to break this news, he’d been quite forthcoming from the start about the fact that he was a virgin. He came to be known affectionately as the “Virgin Bachelor” and was praised for his courage in telling the world something that’s hard for a grown man to admit. On the other hand, once he did come out as gay, this revelation would seem to deflate any kudos he earned for the “virgin” admission. A gay guy who’s never had sex with a woman? Pffft. (Be it noted that gay men were once referred to euphemistically as “confirmed bachelors.”) Still, Colton was popular, so now there’s talk of bringing him back to star in an explicitly gay season of The Bachelor. (He can’t be a virgin on this front!) Alternatively, if he ever decides to launch a new career, he’s got a great porn name with which to do it.