The Lap Dance



Lil Nas X, the 22-year-old gay rapper and songwriter is suddenly ubiquitous. He has a new song out called “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” a gay cri de coeur that’s reviewed in this issue. The YouTube video for “Montero” provides a glimpse into just how far our culture has come in its sex and gender mores. The surreal sequence takes us through Genesis 1, from the creation of Adam and then Eve through the serpent’s temptation of Eve and then Adam, followed by the Fall—only this time Adam ends up in a fiery hell giving the Devil a sultry lap dance that both parties seem to enjoy. It didn’t take long for religionists to condemn the video as blasphemous—a charge that’s kind of understandable from their standpoint—at which point Saturday Night Live swung into action. So: the cold open finds us on the set of the (made up) Britney Spears Show, which has landed that ultimate “get” as a guest—God! He’s an amiable sort, his garb and beard a study in white, but soon enough it’s time for the next guest: none other than Lil Nas X (played by Chris Redd). Before long we realize that it’s all a setup to allow Lil Nas X to give God a lap dance! The action is not quite as bumpy and grindy as on the video, but no one doubts that an interracial gay lap dance with God did nothing to appease the religious crowd.