The Tenth Circle


JoseSantiagoThere’s a newly ordained pastor in Puerto Rico named José Santiago, and he wasn’t long on the job before people began posting pictures of a guy who looked remarkably like him—and not just any guy but a well-known gay porn star named Gustavo Arrango. Sure enough, it turns out the two men are one and the same! In his earlier life, Gustavo starred in many films produced by Kristen Bjorn Studios. But that’s all behind him now, claims Santiago, who says he found God and left porn seven years ago. People who’ve observed his sermons say that his mannerisms still spike their gaydar, but Santiago claims to be “ex-gay,” and he’s even married a woman. Reporting on the conversion, couldn’t resist a wisecrack before showing Arrango at work: “Here are some of the moments in which Santiago may have found God…” And what the scenes show is that Arrango specialized in two things: playing the receptive partner in anal sex and participating in huge orgies. To put this into a Christian context, his sins were not confined to sodomy but included group sex, exhibitionism, prostitution, and extreme lust. Dante would have had to create a whole new circle of hell! In the context of ex-gay therapy, most alums say they weren’t “cured” even a little, so the trip from Gustavo Arrango to Father José is quite an impressive leap indeed.