Class Project


ClaytonPettetA nineteen-year-old male student in the UK, Clayton Pettet, has announced that he’s planning to lose his anal virginity in a performance piece to be enacted before 100 people in January (as reported by The Daily Mirror). The piece already has a title: “Art School Stole My Virginity”—oddly stated in the past tense even though the event has yet to take place. And in what sense is it remotely true? No matter, he’s nineteen. Pettet’s story has been grist for the press in Britain: we know that he’s studying at Central Saint Martins art school and that he’s been planning this performance since he was sixteen. But reports have only referred in passing to “a friend” as the designated driver, so to say, whose role in this is not inconsequential, especially when you consider the number of things that could go wrong. That this is being done for an art course raises the intriguing question of how the project will be graded. Will there be a mandatory deduction if Clayton cries out in pain? extra points for endurance? Stay tuned.