Ken Just Got a New Look!



Lots of new looks, in fact: new body types (“slim,” “broad,” and “original”), new skin tones, and nine hair styles (including the man bun). And those outfits! Take the three Ken Dolls pictured here: you’ve got your basic surfer dude, a construction worker, and a jock—kind of like the various “macho” roles in the Village People, which were basically drag versions of a sailor, a policeman, et al. In Ken’s case, he can also be undressed (hold the jokes), and here the offer of three body designs is intriguing, as the many Barbie models must have different “types” when it comes to men. Then, too, if the rumors about Ken are true, there should be a range of types to choose from. Indeed it was always vaguely unsettling that two Kens stuffed into a toychest or dollhouse would each be making out with his clone.