Rainbow Over Sochi


German Olympic And Paralympic Team Kit HandoverRussia’s growing hostility to gay rights has come to the world’s attention as we anticipate the Winter Olympics in Sochi. When the German team introduced its uniforms this fall, it was clear that the design referred to the familiar “gay flag” with its six rainbow stripes.

And while fashion critics applauded the attempt to show solidarity with GLBT Russians, they were fairly unanimous in panning the design. “Extremely hideous,” declared one. “Butt-ugly,” sneered another. “A cross between a pot-bellied pig and a parrot,” squawked a third.

The simple fact is, there’s really no way to incorporate all the colors of the rainbow into one ensemble without looking like Joseph’s “coat of many colors” from the Old Testament. So if the price of showing solidarity with gay Russians is the creation of a fashion disaster—well, how ironic is that?