Is Your Hubby a Homo?


Missionary Church of HarlemThis sign appeared outside the Atlah World Missionary Church in Harlem, and it provoked as much confusion as it did anger: “Obama has released the homo demons on the black man. Look out black woman. A white homo may take your man.” It was the work of Pastor James David Manning, who translated for the media. Citing the recent coming out of two professional athletes, Michael Sam and Jason Collins, he explained that black women will have a hard time holding on to their husbands now that it’s cool to be gay—and President Obama is to blame! This reminds us of Tony Perkins’ prediction in the last “BTW” that today’s lax attitudes toward homosexuality will lead to the end of humanity, since couples will stop having hetero sex once the homo variety is A-okay. Here again, one wonders why heterosexuality isn’t able to mount a more robust defense.