Slipping in Sochi

Christian Niccum
Christian Niccum and Jayson Terdiman
of the USA Olympic team

We can’t resist a nod to the men of the doubles luge, who take such a ribbing for the physical positioning their sport requires, what with one man lying on top of the other as they speed down an icy sluice. The jokes are too obvious to be funny, best left unanswered by the undoubtedly straight competitors. American Preston Griffall, for example, laughed them off: “We’re two dudes, laying on top of each other in spandex. Of course people are going to make fun of it.” But his teammate Christian Niccum seemed genuinely hurt: “They’re making fun of our sport, and it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me.” And he went on: “Can’t we show affection to each other without it being some sort of sexual contact?” Er, dude, who said anything about affection? But do go on!